A n0nny mouse

Funny shit from mini-microsoft

So I’ve now cranked up the comment moderation quality gates.

Anonymity check. Is anonymous commenting a good thing? Is anonymous anything a good thing? Why is the EFF so passionate about anonymous rights? Hmm. It’s a good discussion to have. My immediate answer is an affirming, “Yes, anonymous protection is a good thing. Judge the content on its own merits, not by the speaker.” Other people’s “mmediate answer is “No way! The message is ignorable without a person standing by it!”

While TDavid has been ragging on me for a while, recently Scoble flipped the bit and ripped through the commenting here, basically saying:

  • Anonymity is cowardly, especially backstabbing co-worker anonymous commenters.
  • No worthwhile content can come from unsigned, anonymous sources.
  • I’m being used by the commenters here with their anti-Microsoft agenda.
  • This blog is now harming Microsoft more than it’s helping.
  • Non-Microsofties frequently pose as Microsofties to post as part of a subtle, intentional tear-down of Microsoft via Mini-Microsoft.

Surprise! It was as if I switched on the TV and saw Scoble’s face pasted over Kanye West, saying, “Mini-Microsoft is bad for Microsoft!” Oh, and Dare jumped on that bad wagon, too, also hedging that this blog has jumped the shark again (third time’s a charm, I guess).

Counter to this, Adam Barr also weighs in with Scoble vs. Mini (nice! reasonable!).

Now then, Scoble was coming off of a totally justified reaction to the harsh comments posted around his former team, Vic, and the newly designated leader. Doug Magugh has a follow-up on that and anonymity: Doug’s World » Response to Robert Scoble. But, damn, when Scoble’s bit gets flipped, it really gets flipped.

So he’s in the very anti-anonymous world right now. Anonymity bad. Cowardly. Useless. And Scoble signs out of Mini-Microsoft land for good. Hmmph. Maybe he’s pulling a Dvorakcrazy uncle club. On one hand, since I respect Scoble a super-great deal, it gives me a good bit to think about ( here, or this is an indoctrination into the and thus this post). On the other hand, it makes me want to proclaim Tuesday July 11th 2006 as “Be Robert Scoble Day” and sign your posts and comments across the web and blogosphere as Robert Scoble so that everything you write has a proper name associated with it. To quote Scoble, “Heh.”


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